Adapt helps companies rethink their relationship with data – to build trust,
create value, and drive social change.

About us

Today’s businesses collect more customer data than ever before. Yet few have tapped the full potential of data – to build trust with customers and policy makers, develop new products and services, and make the world a better place.


Meanwhile, public concern about the exploitation of data is growing. Governments and policy makers are looking to the private sector for data and experts to help guide decisions. Who owns, controls, and benefits from data has become one of the most important policy issues of our time. 


At Adapt, we help companies rethink their relationship with data, building partnerships that benefit everyone. Read a case study.

What we do

Build trust

By establishing a responsible and compliant approach to data collection and management.

Create value

By uncovering unique insights we unlock the full value of data for companies and customers.

Drive social change

By understanding and navigating opportunities to share data and maximize social impact.

Well Told Story

How we helped a media and social impact company in Kenya successfully launch their first digital products with best practice data policies.

Slide Safe

How we ensured a Nigerian sexual health startup could protect sensitive customer data and remove risk from their operations.

Ally Chatbot

How we developed a transparent and trustworthy data communication strategy for an innovative London-based startup helping the homeless.