Adapt helps data-driven organisations with privacy, security and ethics

About us

Today’s organisations collect more data than ever before and they want to do so in a way which respects privacy, and  ensures security. But they don’t always find it easy to put a framework in place to support this, particularly at times of fast growth.


Increasingly investors and customers want to see both in place – to build trust, to develop new products and services, and ensure businesses operate to the highest possible standard.


At Adapt, we help organisations secure their data, operate ethically and build partnerships with customers, investors and stakeholders that benefit everyone. Read a case study.

What we do


We help you establish a responsible and GDPR compliant approach to data collection and management for your organisation


We build your internal security capabilities, systems and processes in line with industry standards


We will assess how your organisation approaches ethics and build a resilient framework for ethical risks to be identified and resolved.

Well Told Story

How we helped a media and social impact company in Kenya successfully launch their first digital products with best practice data policies.


How we worked with Moonshot to develop a systemic approach to ethically managing sensitive data.


How we worked with Lanterne to develop and implement a privacy-protecting framework across their organisation.