Rethinking a company's relationship with data starts with a deep understanding of their digital ecosystem. From there, we offer a range of other services to our clients:



Auditing a company's data practices and making tailored recommendations

  • Analyse existing data practices, policies and procedures
  • Evaluate legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Identify untapped commercial and social potential


Policy development

Building the policies, processes and capabilities to manage data responsibly

  • Draft operational guidelines
  • Produce consent language and statement
  • Deliver internal training  


Value analysis

Assessing existing data and potential new products and services

  • Assess commercial value
  • Consolidate data sets & sources
  • Support new product development strategy


Policy potential analysis

Developing an operational model for sharing data

  • Assess feasibility of sharing data
  • Map demand for data
  • Develop internal processes for sharing  


Annual data health check

Reviewing existing policies against internal and external developments

  • Review changes to products and services
  • Evaluate the implications of legal and normative developments
  • Align policies and procedures with these changes