“Lanterne is committed to using data responsibly, ensuring user privacy, and transparent communication. Charles and Adapt are fantastic privacy partners that we’re very proud to work with to help us achieve our data privacy objectives. Charles has excellent experience and knowledge, and cares deeply about data ethics. On top of this, Charles always takes the time to understand our needs, advises us on challenges, and delivers great results quickly. I can’t recommend Charles and Adapt highly enough.”


Alex Barnes, co-founder, Lanterne

Who they are

Lanterne helps improve people’s lives through data and technology. Lanterne built Crowdless: a mobile application that helps people avoid crowds, save time and stay safe. Crowdless has achieved more than 100,000 downloads in three months and was featured on the BBC, the Guardian, El Pais, and many other media outlets.

The challenge

As an early stage company, Lanterne understood that they wanted to build technology that utilised novel techniques, but minimised the amount of data they collected and stored. They wanted to be transparent and open with their customers so they could build trust from the very first day. When Adapt met the founding team, they had a clear sense of their ethical position in relation to data, but required help in operationalising in a fast-moving company that had yet to determine its exact product offerings and technical architecture.

What we did

Adapt carried out an initial consultation with the founding team to better understand their business and their needs. Adapt reviewed how their product would work, as well as their internal policies and procedures. This resulted in our initial findings and recommendations report for the team. 


Adapt then supported the implementation of the recommendations, and developed Lanterne’s key policies in relation to data, including their Privacy Policy and Values and Data Management Statement. As Lanterne continues to innovate, Adapt has remained on-hand to support their growth from a privacy perspective, and deal with new privacy challenges as they emerge.

The impact

By working with Adapt, the team at Lanterne have been able to focus on their priorities in building their organisation, whilst ensuring that they are doing so in a manner that is compliant with GDPR and international best practices. They now have a product in the market that is in line with their values and is communicated in a transparent and clear manner with their users.